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Dr. Nikita Froenicke, D.C.

Dr. Froenicke started at an early age knowing that she wanted to work in the Healthcare field. She began by working as a Dental Assistant after high school, and then as a phlebotomist working her way through college. After obtaining her Doctorate Degree at Logan College of Chiropractic she worked in the St. Louis area donating her time and services to the American Veterans Hospital. Dr. Froenicke also took on a large population of Firefighters in the area where she became an expert at treating shoulder and low back issues.

Dr. Froenicke is trained in the ICPA Accredited Webster Technique. This technique is used for the help with correcting breech presentation during pregnancy. She has a high success rate and is the only provider in Staten Island to offer it. The Webster Technique is very gentle and its goal is to help the patient and baby from needing more aggressive treatments for turning the baby.

Dr. Froenicke also frequently treats sciatic pain, migraines and headaches, hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, pregnancy aches and pains, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, sprains/strains, back, and neck pain. Dr. Froenicke knows that muscle balance and relaxation are a large component in both preventive care as well as corrective care.  Dr. Froenicke believes that the future of medicine is all about wellness care, not sickness care.

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