Dr. Nikita Froenicke has a really professional AND intuitive approach to treatment. She puts me at ease and gently but very effectively helps me feel much better!
Very relaxing massage. Great tension relief, stretches out muscle aches.
Excellent massage. Dr. Nikita was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable.
I’m heading back asap. I felt great after the massage and recommend it to all I know. Nikita has miracle hands and you will agree after you try one of her massages.
Dr. Nikita Froenicke has a professional skill set that she uses very effectively. I limped into her office.... and I walked out feeling 100% better!
I have knee and back pain. Dr. Nikita Froenicke has a gentle but thorough approach. She relieves my pain and I walk out feeling so much better. She’s excellent!!
wasn’t your typical massage because it was given by the chiropractor who is an expert on the anatomy and muscles of the body, so she knew exactly how to target trigger points and tight muscles using skilled techniques a chiropractor would use as opposed to an LMT. Besides being knowledgeable in explaining different anatomical parts and how to self-treat them, she was. polite and personable.
Dr. Nikita Froenicke is the consummate professional. Her expertise and care are second to none.
Was a great deep tissue massage. Didn’t know what to expect seeing that this is a chiropractors office. However Nikita made the atmosphere warm, soothing and relaxing. I would recommend this service to my friends. Thank you Nikita.
Dr. Nikita is the best! Extremely knowledgeable and very professional. She enjoys what she does and makes every session amazing with her charming personality and her understanding of how individuals use their bodies on a daily basis. My wife and I would not see any other Dr but her. I highly recommend her to anyone especially women who suffer from back problems during pregnancy.
I saw Dr. Froenicke approx. a dozen times late in my pregnancy first to turn a breech baby (it worked!) and then to help with pregnancy ailments. I looked forward to every appointment and dealing with the wonderful and friendly staff. The gently adjustments and massage helped me be able to exercise throughout my pregnancy, sleep better, and work until the day I went into labor. Can’t recommend Dr. Froenicke and her colleagues highly enough!
Dr. Nikita Froenicke has an excellent, gentle Chiropractic approach. She really made me feel comfortable and at ease. She’s great!
Dr. Froenicke made me feel very comfortable which is important during a massage/treatment. I felt like I was at home and she really knew what she was doing.
Dr. Froenicke is a master in Chiropractic. Aside from her expertise, her treatment is gentle and effective. Truly took my fear of Chiropractic away. She’s great!